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Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflet prices from only £38.00

If you're looking for folded leaflets we have a vast range of sizes available from folded to A3 to folded to A7.

Use our online design tool to create your own artwork online.

Browse thousands of designs, choose your favourite then edit them online.

Use our simple artwork uploader when ordering. We will check your files and issue free PDF proofs.

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Use your own artwork for folded leaflets free file checking and proofs

Know More about Folded Leaflets
Boosts your business with unique folded leaflets, a stylish way to present your company's products and services!

Folded Leaflets are printed and folded sheets that are meant to be handed out to people or sent via direct-mail for specific purposes. It has been one of the best ways to promote your business, events or organisation. It can also be the best material to call for a cause and express sentiments. Folded leaflets are perfect for stylish promotional materials, well-designed brochures, clean and organised newsletters and chic menus.

Today, leaflets have been available in different range of folds and sizes. This variety provides the readers leaflets with different dimensions and perspectives. You can have papers of larger sizes folded to A4 leaflets or folded to A7 leaflets conveniently.

Leaflets have also become more contemporary and innovative when it comes to the presentation and design. You are free to put graphics, photos, text and any other content about your product and services in your folded to A6 leaflets or folded to DL leaflets. This can improve readership and enhance response rates.

Benefits of folded leaflets
Space—the primary benefit of folded leaflets is providing you more space to put your content. At the same time, folded leaflets can be collapsed into a small and handy information sheet. For instance, you can have A5 papers folded to A6 leaflets. You may utilise the space in the front and the back of A5 papers and have it folded to A6 leaflets to make it more compact and easy to carry.

The A5 papers folded to A6 leaflets make long size folded sheets that look good for chic brochures. For wider folds, you can have an A4 paper folded to A5 leaflets. Other larger papers can also be folded to A7 leaflets and folded to DL leaflets.

You can be more creative to make leaflets easier to carry. Experiment in folding the paper. You can create three-fold leaflets or unique Z fold leaflets. There are a lot of folding styles to explore and utilise.

With the freedom in space, you can incorporate more content to make your leaflets more informative. You can put a lot of information about your business and your products and services in the brochure. The more clients know about you, the more they will respond. An increase in the response rates means increase of profit as well.

Folded leaflets services
We offer high quality, full coloured and well-done offset folded leaflets printing. It is available for wide variety of paper stocks including uncoated paper, glossy, silk and matt. We also print and fold various sizes from A4 to A7 as well as DL.

Our printing gives you the freedom to create unique folded leaflets in just few easy steps. You can choose to design your leaflets using our online design tools; choose in over a thousand pre-made designs in the site and incorporate your content; upload your own design in PDF; or leave the design to our professional graphics artist. Anyway you want it done, we print and deliver.


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