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Are Letterheads Still Used?

Posted by in Featured on June 04, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Even in the age of email, letterheads are still used by most businesses. It is one of the important tools that businesses must utilise if they want to give a good first impression. Actual correspondence still takes place for various reasons and only a letterhead can be used for communications between businesses. A professional letterhead print company can provide you with quality letterheads as they have skilled workers and equipment to do a thorough job.


Professional letterhead designs can help convey the company details and corporate vision, establish credibility, and help in brand recall. The business stationary acts as a visual ambassador of the company. It helps in creating an identity for the company and establishing it as a professional in the industry. The layout of the letterhead, quality of the paper, the colours used, and the accompanying envelope are vital in creating the right impact for the company.


When your business decides to design a letterhead, or modify an existing one, there are a lot of factors to consider. It is more than just going through various letterhead templates. The letterhead is as important as the company’s brand. It represents the company and provides an impression to potential customers. It is important to work with a professional designer and letterhead printing company to make sure that you get the letterhead you deserve. The company can choose between low cost letterheads and luxury letterheads.


Once the letterhead design is final, then it must be incorporated into all of the company’s business stationary. This includes all the stationary that the company utilises for correspondence, invoices, purchase orders, memo pads, note pads, and business cards.


It is vital that all business stationary matches to have a consistent branding. It will reinforce the corporate image and at the same time show what the business stands for. It has to provide a favourable impression that will help attract potential clients. 

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